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We're so happy you're here!

Welcome to SuperKid Affiliate Program! We’re very excited that you’re joining us with our mission of inspiring kids to be SUPER with every letter delivered.

We created this page so you can easily access the resources and information you needed to get started. We hope that this page can help you promote SuperKid with confidence.

How can I get started

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Contact us at hello@superkid.co if you’d like to receive a sample SuperKid.co letter. We would love you to share the experience with your audience!

You will get 11% commission with every product purchased through your affiliate link.

This means that anyone you direct to our site via your affiliate link has up to 30 days to purchase for you to receive a commission. This is the industry standard.

We send affiliate commissions every 15th of the month using PayPal after you’ve reached $50 amount of commission. All payments are in USD. An email notification will inform you when any funds have been sent.

You can track all the number of views and purchases made via your link by accessing our Affiliate Portal. Here’s the login page.

We’d love to partner up with our affiliates for giveaways, shoot us with your idea at hello@superkid.co!

Please email us with any questions at: hello@superkid.co