Outreach Initiatives

Nominate a child!

We need your help. We want to celebrate our launch by giving 100 SuperKid subscriptions to excited kids. If you know someone who this would be perfect for please let us know by completing the form below!

We have a target of 100 subscriptions gifted

Nominations are accepted until December 10th, 2021

Chosen are notified by December 20th 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


Parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, teachers, neighbors, organizations.

If you know a child that would greatly benefit from receiving such a gift, let us know!

We hope to do this at least once a year moving forward depending on how successful our first event is.

We will email you (the Nominator) if selected. Then, we will create a gift code and note for you to give to the child/parents to start the subscription. If you follow us on social media and / or register for our monthly newsletter, we will highlight some of the other winners.

We wish to celebrate our launch with 100 SuperKids who might benefit more than others from receiving such a gift. This is why our nomination form includes a few criteria based on which we will prioritize submissions.

All kids are special and our goal is to reach as many as well. If your nomination is not selected, you can always register for our monthly newsletter and keep an eye out for our next outreach. Or you can purchase a gift card yourself for the child you nominated. 

The biggest help you can give us right now is by sharing this with your friends and family! If you’re an organization or an individual looking to get involved we’d love to hear from you. 

Send us an email at hello@superkid.co and we will be happy to read your suggestions.

Please email us with any questions at: hello@superkid.co

If you have any ideas how else we can make a difference please get in touch with us.