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Who We Are and How We Started

Before SuperKid.co was thought of, we had a desire to build a creative endeavour with purpose and social benefit. That’s as far as it got until Joan, my Super-Mom, reflected on her first career as a teacher nearly 50 years ago.

She recalled the children’s excitement, curiosity, and openness being key influencers of their willingness to learn. Over time, this excitement translated to significant differences in the trajectory of the kids’ development, ultimately impacting the adults these kids grew into. She wondered if there was a way to create this excitement with different topics to inspire a love of learning at young ages. At this point, the premise was figured out, however, Mom still needed to bring it to life.

Now 72, Mom wanted to prove that diving into a new venture and doing what you’re passionate about is a possibility at any age. She sought help figuring out the whats and the hows for her idea from me, her son Josh, as I have experience building businesses. After months of brainstorming ideas and adding Super-Renz to the team, SuperKid.co was born.

Our Vision and Mission – Why We Built SuperKid.co
We wanted to build a business that we could be proud of. Something real that could make a genuine difference in the world we live in, even if it means inspiring just one child. The proceeds of every purchase allow us to gift subscriptions to kids that need it most and to help various NGOs that assist with children’s education worldwide. It’s cliché, but children truly are our future and we’re so excited to see what they can do!
Our Values

We built SuperKid.co with the aim of creating exciting educational opportunities for kids. We included concepts such as inclusivity, mental health, and perseverance that help foster well rounded, accepting, and resilient persons. It is these core values that we treasure most. They lay the foundation to all our children’s dedicated products and services.

Meet the Team

R. Josh Eddie

Costume Tester, Writer of Bad Jokes

Renz Ladroma

Technical Fairy

E. Joan Eddie

Mom, Educator, Writer, Artist

Our Current Outreach

Target of 100 subscriptions gifted

Nominations accepted until December 10th 2021

Chosen are notified by December 20th 2021

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