How It Works is an educational letter subscription for kids aged 3 to 7

Step 1: Subscribe

Turn those rocket boosters on with a heading toward our shop to purchase a storyline. 

Giving as a gift? Purchase a gift card here and we will send a digital gift code to your gift recipient through email. You can also choose to send the gift code email to yourself so you can print it and present your gift in person.

Got a gift card code? Apply it at check-out.

Step 2: Check your mailbox

Twice a month you will find a letter in your mailbox. We send mail every 1st and the 3rd of the month. Depending on your location it can take a few days to a few weeks. We currently only deliver to Earth.

Step 3: Learn and enjoy

Read the story with your child, for a precious moment of bonding. Then download and print the activity sheets from our Library for some fun playful learning.

What's included:

12 Letters mailed to your mailbox + free shipping

Each letter contains 4 pages of our personalized story and 1 full 8.5x11" print that can be framed or collected. You will receive 2 letters each month over 6 months delivered right to your doorstep.

Access to Library

Each subscription includes exclusive access to our SuperKid Library, where you can find activity sheets based on every letter. We've created three categories of activities designed to engage kids using the concepts learned in each letter.


Includes arts and crafts, building projects and other activities


Open-ended questions designed to let the kids share, feel, and think


Includes puzzles, searches, mixing and matching and more

Embark on an adventure

Personalized letters covering: STEM, financial literacy, environmental awareness, self-expression, mental health, and values. Off-screen fun learning for digital natives.

Why People Love

"Great idea! My kids love both subscriptions and stories, so this is perfect! Besides that, the illustrations and story are simply a dream!"
Angie F. - Mom
Bucharest, Romania
"These letters are PERFECT. I love to spoil my niece and spend time with her. These letters accomplish both! Every other week she's so excited to show me the recent update and talk about it. It's adorable and heart warming. Keep up the great work!!"
Sarah H. - Aunt
Toronto, Canada
"The first time I heard my kids talk about gravity and propulsion, I was in complete shock. I finally get to hear about something besides Peppa Pig! I can't wait to see where this newfound interest of theirs takes them. THANK YOU!!"
Chris C. - Dad
Calgary, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Planet Earth! Okay that probably didn’t answer your question… Right now we’re shipping from the USA and Canada, however, we are in discussions with printers elsewhere to speed up delivery times for our furthest SuperKids.

We accept all major credit cards. If for whatever reason these options don’t work for you, please send us an email to we will do our best to accommodate you.

We’ve crafted the stories for kids under 7 years of age. We cover an array of different topics so it’s likely that some themes may be easier than others depending on your kid’s development. However, older children might also enjoy these stories, especially if they read to their younger siblings.

Our SpaceMail offers free shipping to most countries around the world that can be reached by the US Postal Service or Canada Post. A full list can be found here. Please check, some places might not be so rocket-friendly.

Yes! That’s a great idea. We see a lot of Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts buying these as gifts for a fun way to be involved in their little relative’s life.

Purchase a gift card here and you can choose to send a digital gift code to the recipient through email or you can send the gift code email to yourself so you can print and gift it in person.

Either way, it will be a recurring gift – the child will think of you every 2 weeks, when their letter arrives! How’s that for bonding in times of social distancing?

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