Inspiring kids to be SUPER with every letter delivered

Snail mail + Exciting storyline + Active learning = WAHOO!

Educational letter subscription for kids sent twice a month over 6 months. Our storylines told over 12 letters will spark the love of learning in children aged 3 to 7, as they follow our curious explorers in their adventures.

Brain Boosting

We introduce STEM, financial and environmental topics throughout our storylines to inspire interest and maximize potential.

Character Building

Our snail mail letters strengthen patience and love for reading. Our storylines introduce personal values, self-expression and mental health.

Offline Experience

Ditch the screens. Every SuperKid letter is an opportunity to discover, create and share special moments in the family.

Meet Buzz!

Our first storyline, told over 12 letters features Buzz and his astronaut pals Prim and Daisy as they zip and zoom through the solar system following their dream.

Join these adventurous honeybees after an inspiring event propels them into space. Facing challenges along the way requires teamwork and plenty of learning. With so much for our little bees to learn, this adventure is sure to BLAST OFF!

Engage critical thinking and creativity with an immersive storyline that covers fundamental educational topics essential to raising a SuperKid


Ignite a lifelong interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Financial Literacy

Understand the concept of money, saving, want vs. need, and budgeting

Environmental Awareness

Develop awareness of environmental issues, learn ways to protect our home

Mental Health

Address real-life issues including sadness, loneliness, fear, and anxiety


Learn how to become comfortable communicating thoughts and ideas


Empathy, kindness, teamwork, gender equality, honesty, bravery, etc

Helping kids find their voice

We strive to craft quality educational content for children. Kids love to explore, experiment, and find solutions to everyday challenges. Through excitement and curiosity, we help kids find their voice.

educational letter subscription for kids

What's Included

Continuous Story

Our stories are 12 letters long and delivered over 6 months. A perfect balance between building patience and keeping the kids engaged with excitement.


Our envelopes and letters are directly addressed to the child. See their faces light up when they receive mail that's written specifically to them!

Vibrant Illustrations

Beautiful full-page illustrations to follow our characters on their fun and exciting adventures.

Educational Content

From STEM to financial literacy to EQ. Maximize your child’s potential from the very beginning.

SuperKid Library

Learning is an active process. We've crafted activities and organized them into three categories to reinforce concepts learned after each letter.

Off-screen Learning

Help digital natives understand the importance and beauty of real life, from receiving a letter in the mailbox, to enjoying time with the family.

A gift to treasure

The gift that keeps giving! Have a subscription mailed to your home for the kids to enjoy when they’re over or send it to their home and enjoy chatting about the stories remotely. Psst… Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents… What a great excuse for a phone call or Zoom!

What our customers say about us

"Great idea! My kids love both subscriptions and stories, so this is perfect! Besides that, the illustrations and story are simply a dream!"
Angie F. - Mom
Alba Iulia, Romania
"These letters are PERFECT. I love to spoil my niece and spend time with her. These letters help accomplish both 😂. Every other week she's so excited to show me the recent update and talk about it. It's adorable and heartwarming. Keep up the great work. Thank you!!"
Sarah H. - Aunt
Toronto, Canada
"The first time I heard my kids talk about gravity and propulsion, I was in complete shock. I finally get to hear about something besides Peppa Pig! I can't wait to see where this newfound interest of theirs takes them. THANK YOU!!"
Chris C. - Dad
Calgary, Canada

We Need Your Help!

We're giving 100 subscriptions to SuperKids that have made a difference in someone's life. Do you know someone? Nominate them! Nominations will be accepted until December 10th 2021. Wahoo!

We 🧡 mail

Buzz and the crew may be zipping around the solar system but they always make time to pick up the mail! They’ll be tickled to receive a letter from their fellow earthlings.

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